Can We Recall The Break Up? (2022) information
Can We Recall The Break Up? (2022)

Other name: Love Recall,Is the Breakup a Recall? , Ibyeoldo Likoli Doenayo?

Country: South Korea

Genres: Reality Show, Romance

Date aired: Jul 11, 2022 - Sep 12, 2022

Status: Ongoing           Views: 70,462           Bookmark


Just one opportunity arises for the men and women who regret their breakups and are full of lingering emotions. In order not to repeat the same breakup, men and women who dream of a recall are confronted at the Recall Table. The ones who will become Recall Planners are Sung Yu Ri, Yang Se Hyeong, Jang Young Ran, Son Dong Woon, GREE, and Choi Ye Na. Recall Planners can't help but get into it as they hear each person's story on breakup, love, and reunion. Amidst the strange atmosphere and tension as they meet for the first time after the breakup, will they be able to succeed in the recall?