KissTVShow FAQ

 I cannot login to my account

- Please make sure you used username (not email) to login. In case you forgot your password, please CLICK HERE to get your new password via email.

 I do not receive emails from KissTVShow. Help please.

- Hotmail blocks us, Yahoo mail maybe have this issue too, you should use Gmail (make sure to check spam folder).

 Streaming speed is slow or all videos do not play.

- It works normally for almost all users so it's your computer/browser/internet problem.

 I got banned but I did not do anything wrong.

- Please make sure you are not using VPN/Proxy. After disabled VPN/Proxy, access again, if it still does not help, please report with your IP in banned message.

 Does KissTVShow have any mobile apps?

- We do not have any apps, all apps on app store are impersonate/thief apps that get videos from us without permission.

 I cannot watch video because of "Are you human?"

- Sorry for this inconvenience, but it is how we prevent bot. In this case, you need to resolve captcha and press OK button, you will be able to watch video normally then.

 I want to download video

- The download link is available with RapidVideo/Openload/FB mirror only. The link is right below video player.

- Notice: You can not choose quality (360p/480p/720p/1080p) to download.

 FB server is very slow

1. Install Chrome browser.
2. Install FB SpeedUp Extension. CLICK HERE

Now you can enjoy FB server with "high speed" streaming :)