Victoria Song
Victoria Song

First Name: Qian
Family Name: Song
Native name: 宋茜
Also Known as: Victoria; Victoria Song
Nationality: Chinese
Gender: Female
Born: February 2, 1987

Victoria is a Chinese singer, dancer, model, and the leader of the four-member South Korean girl group "f(x)". She left her hometown at a young age to study Chinese traditional dance at the Beijing Dance Academy. After her high school graduation, she was accepted to the Beijing Dance Academy and majored in Chinese ethnic dance. In September 2007, Victoria was scouted by an SM employee at a Beijing dance competition and later joined the company.
In 2010, Victoria gained fame as part of We Got Married Season 2, as well as being a cast member of KBS's Invincible Youth. That year, she won the Popularity Award at the MBC Entertainment Awards. In 2012, she and Kang Ta also attended a cultural charity event in China, where they gave music and dance lessons to children in need. Towards the end of 2014, Victoria opened a flea market where she sold her personal items for charity. She donated all proceeds to UNICEF on December 31. In 2015, Victoria also auctioned off a handmade doll, named "Song Song" on the UNICEF charity auction site. She participated in UNICEF's "Help Nepal Children" charity bracelet project.