Sam Hammington
Sam Hammington

First Name: Samuel
Family Name: Hammington
Native name: 샘 해밍턴
Nationality: Australian
Gender: Male
Born: July 31, 1977

Samuel Hammington is a New Zealand-born Australian comedian, television personality, radio presenter and actor based in South Korea. Hammington hosted radio show Drivetime with Annabelle Ambrose from 2008 to 2012. He is currently a cast member in the TV show "Real Men".
While in business school, Sam decided he needed to take up an Asian language to help build up his resume. Due to the popularity of Japanese and Chinese language courses, he decided to study Korean. He studied the Korean language for 18 months before becoming a transfer student at Korea University in 2002.
In October 2013, Hammington married Korean Jung Yu Mi. They had two wedding ceremonies, a traditional Korean one in Korea and another in his home country, Australia, at the Melbourne Zoo.