Lia Kim
Lia Kim

First Name: Lia
Family Name: Kim
Native name: 리아킴
Nationality: South Korean
Gender: Female
Born: July 10, 1987

Founder, dancer and chief choreographer with 1Million Dance Studio. She has become insanely popular on YouTube where she has earned over 300,000 subscribers by posting choreography videos of popular songs.
Lia Kim’s first well-known choreography was Lee Hyori’s dance for an Anyclub commercial. After that, she became a teacher for trainees and singers at entertainment companies. She named Girls’ Generation member Hyoyeon from SM Entertainment, miss A’s Min from JYP Entertainment, and former 2NE1 member Minzy (formerly of YG Entertainment) and Momo from TWICE as examples of some of the artists she trained.
She said, “I was a teacher for trainees and singers. Then, because I was close to Sunmi, I became in charge of the choreography for her song ’24 Hours.’ Through that, I became in charge of a diverse range of choreography, including TWICE’s ‘TT,’ I.O.I’s ‘Very Very Very,’ and more.”