Alyssa Chia
Alyssa Chia

First Name: Ching Wen
Family Name: Chia
Native name: 賈靜雯
Also Known as: Chia Ching Wen; 妞紐; Niu Niu; Jia Jing Wen
Nationality: Taiwanese
Gender: Female
Born: October 7, 1974

Alyssa Chia (born October 7, 1974) is a Taiwanese television hostess and actress. She is also known as "Queen of drama" and Niu-niu (妞妞).She once studied in Beijing Film Academy. Her ancestral home is in Tianjin, China. Her ex-husband is Sun Zhihao and they have a daughter named Angelina. She is known for her roles in television series such as Da Han Tian Zi, The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber and Zhizun Hongyan