Convenience Store Restaurant information
Convenience Store Restaurant

Other name: Fun Restaurant, Star’s Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant

Country: South Korea

Genres: Cooking, Cooking Show, Food, Variety Show

Date aired: Oct 25, 2019

Status: Ongoing           Views: 97,656           Bookmark


FUN RESTAURANT is a new variety show where celebrities are competing to make a new F&B product for the convenience store franchise. The program looks at the celebs' daily lives that are filled with constant development on some exciting and delicious menus. Celebs compete every week, and the winner's cuisine turns to the product that will sell the stores the next day. The profits will be donated to support children. The casts are led by Lee Kyung-kyu, who has had his own development into an actual product, and Lee Young-ja, the Muk-bang genius, and food aficionado.