Who's The Murderer: Season 6 information
Who's The Murderer: Season 6

Other name: Ming Xing Da Zhen Tan , Ming Xing Da Zhen Tan Di 6 Ji

Country: China

Genres: Comedy, Game Show, Mystery

Date aired: Dec 24, 2020 - Mar 17, 2021

Status: Ongoing           Views: 29,734           Bookmark


In a prologue, the cast is introduced to the settings and suspects of a murder case for the new episode. The cast then chooses their role in the episode, as a particular suspect or the detective. Other than the detective, each person is given detailed information about the suspect they are portraying including their personalities, alibi, relationship to the victim and other suspects, history, criminal motive, etc. Every suspect can conceal information until explicitly questioned by other suspects or the detective, but only the criminal can lie.