Visiting Sacred Places of the Tohoku Region information
Visiting Sacred Places of the Tohoku Region

Country: Japan

Genres: Cooking, Food, Reality Show, Travel Show, Variety Show

Date aired: 2015

Status: Completed           Views: 24,497           Bookmark


Unbroken through the centuries since the Jomon Era, the ancient holy places of the Tohoku Region of Japan provide awe-inspiring and breathtaking views and experiences for modern visitors. Nestled on Japan’s Honshu Island and known for its many volcanoes and mountainous terrain, this historic region is where the spirit and rich culture of Japan collide with modern life. Experience the cultural heritage of the sites such as Shinto shrines, Buddhist temples, tombs of feudal lords, ancient architectural buildings and spectacular natural scenery as you journey to the region through this program. Learn the deep history of the stunningly beautiful region and see why this place holds the key to the Japanese people’s search for a renewed identity.

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