Single’s Inferno Season 2 (2022) information
Single’s Inferno Season 2 (2022)

Other name: Single’s Inferno 2 , Solo Hell 2 , Solrojiok 2 , Solrojiok Sijeun 2 , 솔로지옥2

Country: South Korea

Genres: Dating Show, Reality Show, Romance

Date aired: Dec 13, 2022

Status: Completed           Views: 180,809           Bookmark


“Single’s Inferno” is a hit dating reality show in which singles look for love while living together on a remote island called “Inferno.” On “Inferno,” the contestants aren’t allowed to reveal their ages or professions.

The only way to escape “Inferno” and head to “Paradise”—which consists of lavish suites in luxury hotels—is to form a couple by successfully matching and pairing off with another contestant.

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