Pit-A-Pat Romance information
Pit-A-Pat Romance

Country: South Korea

Genres: Dating Show, Variety Show

Date aired: 2014

Status: Completed           Views: 22,451           Bookmark


Three men and three women are chosen and they become couples for 30 days. They have to contact each other every day, upload photos to SNS page and just act like real couples. And their partners are supposed to be the ideal men and women as each person described. Will they like their ideal partners? How will they carry on with their relationship? 
To match three couples, the crew and professional consultants interviewed the cast about their ideal men and women and run a wanted ad attracting about 300 applicants. After in-depth interviews and verification, “Pit-A-Pat Romance” team have chosen the final three.

Episode name Day Added
Pit-A-Pat Romance Episode 3 9/1/2019
Pit-A-Pat Romance Episode 2 9/1/2019
Pit-A-Pat Romance Episode 1 9/1/2019
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