MBTI Inside (2021) information
MBTI Inside (2021)

Country: South Korea

Genres: Comedy, Reality Show

Date aired: Dec 23, 2021 - Jan 27, 2022

Status: Ongoing           Views: 11,815           Bookmark


This program gathers these 16 types of people, and then divides people with the same nature into the same room (such as the I introvert room / E extrovert room), compare An observational variety show with differences between different MBTIs.

The Mission Possible channel screened and selected all 16 members of the cast based on their applications to find the best fit for this MBTI Inside episode. The cast was confirmed using an official MBTI test provided by “ASSESTA,” an accredited MBTI provider in Korea.

Episode name Day Added
MBTI Inside (2021) Episode 4 4/8/2022
MBTI Inside (2021) Episode 3 4/8/2022
MBTI Inside (2021) Episode 2 4/8/2022
MBTI Inside (2021) Episode 1 4/8/2022
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