Guess My Next Move V2 information
Guess My Next Move V2

Other name: It's Not Me Who You Used To Know Season 2; Not the Same Person You Used to Know Season 2

Country: South Korea

Genres: Comedy, K-Pop, Life, Quiz show, Talk Show, Variety Show

Date aired: Jun 27, 2019

Status: Ongoing           Views: 43,254           Bookmark


Acquaintances of a celebrity (friends, managers, parents, siblings, etc.) are invited to answer a quiz about the celebrity to see if they know him/her as well as they think they do. For instance, they will have to watch videos of the celebrity and predict his/her next actions. For Season 2, a slightly different change is that 4 guests related to the celebrity are invited to the show and take on the Non-related Observers (the cast members except Jang Sung-kyu) in a quiz about the celebrity. A total of ₩3,000,000 is up for grabs and the team with more winning money wins the quiz.

Episode name Day Added
Guess My Next Move V2 Episode 3 1/13/2020
Guess My Next Move V2 Episode 2 10/13/2019
Guess My Next Move V2 Episode 1 8/23/2019
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