Guess My Next Move information
Guess My Next Move

Other name: It's Not Me Who You Used To Know; Not the Same Person You Used to Know

Country: South Korea

Genres: Game Show, Reality Show

Date aired: Dec 20, 2018

Status: Completed           Views: 145,943           Bookmark


Ask the participants, “What kind of person is she or he?” Depending on what kind of relationship you are in with them, they think differently about you. The participants are the people around you. In this show, each week, new guest appears with their participants. Participants with different sight gather together and watch the guest’s real-life video with four emcees, Lee Su Geun, Jang Do Yeon, DinDin, and JR. In between the video stops and the participants has to guess the guest’s next move and the guest bet money on the improving relationship fund. The next move is unexpected. A game of guessing their everyday lives begins now.

Episode name Day Added
Guess My Next Move Episode 6 1/24/2019
Guess My Next Move Episode 5 1/17/2019
Guess My Next Move Episode 4 1/10/2019
Guess My Next Move Episode 3 1/4/2019
Guess My Next Move Episode 2 12/27/2018
Guess My Next Move Episode 1 12/21/2018
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