FOURTRY information

Other name: Chao Liu He Huo Ren

Country: China

Genres: Idol Actor, Variety Show

Date aired: Dec 06, 2019

Status: Completed           Views: 94,425           Bookmark


The city of Tokyo has long been known for its fashion, but have you ever wondered where the fashion-forward trend-setters buy their clothes? Going a step further, have you ever wonder what it might be like to run a clothing store in the heart of Japan’s bustling capital city? Well, you’re about to find out!

In this brand new reality series, Kris Wu takes on the role of store manager at a pop-up clothing store in Tokyo, specializing in Chinese streetwear. Charged with the task of ensuring the shop’s smooth operations, Wu must handle must more than just the day-to-day tasks of running the shop. From product selection to merchandising, creating in-store displays, tackling marketing, and everything in-between, Wu has his work cut out for him, but he won’t be handling this job alone.

Joined by a slew of celebrity guests, including Wilber Pan, Zhao Jin Mai, and international superstar, Angelababy, Wu has thirty days to reach his shop’s revenue goal of 10 million yen (approximately $92,000). But is a month really long enough to reach such a lofty goal in the highly competitive world of fashion?

Episode name Day Added
FOURTRY Episode 12.2 2/28/2020
FOURTRY Episode 12.1 2/28/2020
FOURTRY Episode 11.2 2/21/2020
FOURTRY Episode 11.1 2/21/2020
FOURTRY Episode 10.2 2/21/2020
FOURTRY Episode 10.1 2/21/2020
FOURTRY Episode 9.2 2/21/2020
FOURTRY Episode 9.1 2/21/2020
FOURTRY Episode 8.2 2/4/2020
FOURTRY Episode 8.1 2/4/2020
FOURTRY Episode 7.2 1/24/2020
FOURTRY Episode 7.1 1/24/2020
FOURTRY Episode 6.2 1/17/2020
FOURTRY Episode 6.1 1/17/2020
FOURTRY Episode 5.2 1/10/2020
FOURTRY Episode 5.1 1/10/2020
FOURTRY Episode 4.2 1/3/2020
FOURTRY Episode 4.1 1/3/2020
FOURTRY Episode 3.2 12/26/2019
FOURTRY Episode 3.1 12/28/2019
FOURTRY Episode 2 12/20/2019
FOURTRY Episode 1 12/14/2019
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