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Everyone's Kitchen

Country: South Korea

Genres: Food, Talk Show, Variety Show

Date aired: 2018

Status: Ongoing           Views: 88,976           Bookmark


The latest trend in Korea is Social Dining: strangers who've never met each other cook, have a meal, and connect to each other. In the busy society when you have to get accustomed to eat along, having meals with someone will fill not only your empty stomach but your empty heart. The show will host the social dining for stars. Celebrities who work in a different part of the industry gather around at the kitchen, preparing meals and have a nice, wonderful dinner together. After breaking the ice, they share food, experiences, and deep thoughts. Kang Ho-dong will bring the candid response from the guest, and Hwang Kwang-hee will show off his seasoned cooking skills.

Episode name Day Added
Everyone's Kitchen Episode 9 11/27/2019
Everyone's Kitchen Episode 8.2 5/7/2019
Everyone's Kitchen Episode 8.1 5/7/2019
Everyone's Kitchen Episode 1 3/21/2019
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