Bros on Foot (2023) information
Bros on Foot (2023)

Other name: Ticketing with Two Feet , Ticketing with Both Feet

Country: South Korea

Genres: Adventure, Travel Show, Variety Show

Date aired: Jan 20, 2023

Status: Completed           Views: 58,535           Bookmark


In this brand-new series, four men go on a trip with a mission. Actors Ha Jung Woo, Ju Ji Hoon, MINHO, and Yeo Jin Goo come together to join forces. Every time they complete a mission, they secure a Dream Ticket where people who applied for the Instagram challenge will get a chance for a trip. With the motto, “I’ll suffer, so you can travel,” the four men have fun, but also with a sense of benevolent responsibility. In this generous new frontier of variety show, the viewers will be entertained by awesome sceneries, witty banter, and the amazing chemistry between the actors. Stay tuned for a weekly departure across the world

Episode name Day Added
Bros on Foot (2023) Episode 8 3/3/2023
Bros on Foot (2023) Episode 7 2/24/2023
Bros on Foot (2023) Episode 6 2/17/2023
Bros on Foot (2023) Episode 5 2/11/2023
Bros on Foot (2023) Episode 4 2/5/2023
Bros on Foot (2023) Episode 3 1/29/2023
Bros on Foot (2023) Episode 2 1/28/2023
Bros on Foot (2023) Episode 1 1/28/2023
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