Beauty-Full (2022) information
Beauty-Full (2022)

Other name: Byutipul

Country: South Korea

Genres: Beauty And Makeup, Life

Date aired: Oct 12, 2022

Status: Completed           Views: 18,909           Bookmark


As the period of wearing masks has become prolonged, the golden age of beauty and fashion has become a thing of the past. But now, it's time to re-awaken our desire for beauty that we had to hide behind our masks. By integrating beauty with life, we go over beauty, fashion, food, health and trends to design a new lifestyle. We bring you the full package of what all women want such as the must-visit hot places and hidden secrets of the lives of hot celebrities like Lee Da Hey, Jang Do Yeon, Seo Ha Yan, and Park Jin Yi. Stylist Jung Yoon Ki, a star in the fashion industry, is the icing on the cake as he joins this show. We invite you to experience the most perfect beauty package deal of all time!

Episode name Day Added
Beauty-Full (2022) Episode 10 4/5/2023
Beauty-Full (2022) Episode 9 4/5/2023
Beauty-Full (2022) Episode 8 4/5/2023
Beauty-Full (2022) Episode 7 4/5/2023
Beauty-Full (2022) Episode 6 11/24/2022
Beauty-Full (2022) Episode 5 11/17/2022
Beauty-Full (2022) Episode 4 11/17/2022
Beauty-Full (2022) Episode 3 10/27/2022
Beauty-Full (2022) Episode 2 10/20/2022
Beauty-Full (2022) Episode 1 10/15/2022
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