2021 MBC Entertainment Awards information
2021 MBC Entertainment Awards

Country: South Korea

Genres: Entertainment, Variety Show

Date aired: 2021

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Among the MBC entertainment programs that have brought joy to everyone during 2021, the time to decide the best has come. Always giving excitement to viewers with new attempts and enjoyment, all programs including How Do You Play, The Manager, and Home Alone have gathered for this festive event. The following stars will be our hosts for the show. Hosting this awards ceremony for four years straight, we have Jun Hyun Moo. From drama films to entertainment shows, we have the natural-born entertainer Kim Se Jeong. Lastly, the actor who has shown great singing skills on How Do You Play, Lee Sang Yi will be hosting this grand event. We invite you to a festival where many entertainers who always guarantee big laughs come together.

Episode name Day Added
2021 MBC Entertainment Awards Episode 2 12/30/2021
2021 MBC Entertainment Awards Episode 1 12/30/2021