2021 KBS Entertainment Awards information
2021 KBS Entertainment Awards

Country: South Korea

Genres: Variety Show

Date aired: 2021

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The variety shows of KBS made everyone laugh throughout 2021 which was an eventful year. The shows will be awarded as we wrap up 2021 and greet the upcoming 2022. Kim Seong Ju who is known for his stable and remarkable hosting ability will join KBS Entertainment Awards for the first time. Also, Moon Se Yoon who is doing his role more than enough in 2 Days and 1 Night and Godfather, and Han Seon Hwa who has become a successful actress will join Seong Ju for the award. Let’s look forward to the chemistry of the three with different charms and meet the entertainers who will warm your heart with laughter this Christmas.

Episode name Day Added
2021 KBS Entertainment Awards Episode 2 12/26/2021
2021 KBS Entertainment Awards Episode 1 12/26/2021