2018 KBS Entertainment Awards information
2018 KBS Entertainment Awards

Country: South Korea

Genres: Variety Show

Date aired: 2018

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To celebrate the end of the year 2018, the best celebrities who shone the year 2018 gather at the 2018 KBS Entertainment Awards. In 2018, there were many variety shows that captured the heart of the viewers. This year, “Immortal Songs”, “2 Days and 1 Night”, “Mr. House Husband”, “The Return of Superman”, “Hello”, “Happy Together”, and “Gag Concert” received much love and attention from the viewers. What will be the show that has been loved the most by the viewers? Who will be the best celebrity of 2018? And who are the celebrities who entertained the viewers with their outstanding performances? Various types of awards are ready to go to the most qualified nominees. Shin Hyun Joon, Yoon Si Yoon, and Seolhyun will host the show and the present the winners. Stay tuned for this year’s KBS Entertainment Awards!

Episode name Day Added
2018 KBS Entertainment Awards Episode 3 12/25/2018
2018 KBS Entertainment Awards Episode 2 12/25/2018
2018 KBS Entertainment Awards Episode 1 12/25/2018