Yang Jung Won
Yang Jung Won

First Name: Jung Won
Family Name: Yang
Native name: 양정원
Also Known as: Jungwon
Nationality: South Korean
Gender: Male
Born: February 9, 2004

Yang Jungwon’s 4 years as a Taekwondo athlete spurred his interest in dance and eventually led him to train with BELIF+. After just 16 months he entered Big Hit Labels X Mnet's survival/idol show I-land on June 1, 2020. Early on in the show he was recognized for his sonorous voice and then for his powerful dance moves during a representative competition. Fellow contestants admire his dimples and make fun of him for ‘popping’ (i.e. dancing) in his sleep. In the final episode, Jungwon was ranked first by global voting to become a member of ENHYPEN. Despite being younger than the five of the six other members, he was appointed leader of the group. The group debuted on November 30, 2020.