Vin Zhou
Vin Zhou

First Name: Zhen Nan
Family Name: Zhou
Native name: 周震南
Also Known as: Vin
Nationality: Chinese
Gender: Male
Born: June 21, 2000

Zhou Zhennan (Vin), born in Chongqing, a male singer from Mainland China, graduated from Chengdu Meishi International School.
- He lived in Chengdu from childhood and studied at Chengdu Meishi International School.
- In 2012, Zhou Zhennan decided to study music and spent two years convincing parents.
- In 2014, he became a trainee at an entertainment company in South Korea.
- In 2015, some TV shows asked him to attend but they were rejected by him .
acting experience.
- In 2017, he participated in Tencent's video music idol development program "Children of Tomorrow" and eventually won the 4th place in the national finals, thus formally debuting and on November 8th, he won the second place in the Starlist of Star Forces.
- On December 14, the first personal EP album "V" was released.
- On January 12, 2018, the episode " Law of Attraction " for the TV series " Mr. Love " was formally launched.