Kim Byung Man
Kim Byung Man

First Name: Byung Man
Family Name: Kim
Nationality: South Korean
Gender: Male
Born: July 29, 1978

Kim Byung-man is a famous South Korean comedian, best known for his incredible slapstick and acrobatic stunts.
Kim was born into a poor family with an older brother and 3 sisters in Wanju in North Jeolla Province. His father was an alcoholic, because of his bad luck in business. This caused his family to be in chronic debt. His mother tried to make a little money working at a odd jobs, such as working at a restaurant. Kim also tried to help raise money for the family by doing manual labor. Wanting to be a comedian, he left his home and move to Seoul to go to an apartment with other aspiring comedians.After 3 failed auditions on KBS and 4 on MBC he was finally accepted by KBS in 2002. He starred in Gag concert on the Master show as a Master, which is his most famous role.
His current agency is Castle J Entertainment. He made his first appearance in the movie called "Gift" in 2002. He was also the runner-up on Kim Yu-Na's Kiss and Cry where famous entertainers learn how to figure skate from professionals.