First Name: Jennie
Family Name: Kim
Native name: 제니김
Also Known as: NiNi;Jendeukie
Nationality: South Korean
Gender: Female
Born: January 16, 1996

Jennie Kim is a South-Korean pop singer and member of the female K-pop band ‘Black Pink’. Main Rapper, Lead Vocalist, Center. Jennie studied in New Zealand before becoming a YG trainee in 2010. She rose to fame after appearing on singer G-Dragon’s music video ‘That XX’ and was also featured on his single ‘Black’. ‘YG Entertainment’ had been teasing the debut of ‘Black Pink’ for a long time and Jennie finally made her debut as part of the band alongside Lisa, Jisoo, and Rosé on August 8, 2016. Jennie has also collaborated with artists like Lee Hi for his single ‘Special’, Seungri for ‘GG Be’, and with G Dragon for ‘Eventually’. Like all the members of the band, she has a huge fan-base and is often considered to be the leader of ‘Black Pink’. Jennie Kim’s label ‘YG Entertainment’ considers her to be their trump card and she is often referred to as ‘the YG Princess’. She is one of the highest rated K-pop singers and can speak Japanese, Spanish, English, and Korean. Her mother is a director and shareholder of the media company CJ E&M and her father owns a hospital.