Hua Chen Yu
Hua Chen Yu

Native name: 华晨宇
Also Known as: Hua Hua;華晨宇;花花
Nationality: Chinese
Gender: Male
Born: February 7, 1990

Hua Chen Yu, also known as Hua Hua, is a Chinese singer and songwriter. He rose to fame after winning the 2013 Super Boy singing contest produced by Hunan TV, China. Hua is well known for his powerful vocals, dramatic stage performance, and talents in composing. He is often recognized as one of the most influential singer-songwriters under 30 in China.
Hua released his debut album Quasimodo's Gift in September 2014, whose sales volume had ranked Top 1 in the Jingdong Top 100 Annual Sales Chart (Music). His second physical album Aliens was released in December 2015. His first personal branded concert, "Mars" Concert, was held in Beijing on 6 September 2014 even before his debut album was released. Over 10,000 tickets were sold out within two minutes, breaking several records and making him the first Mainland singer of his generation to hold concerts in a large arena. An additional concert on 7 September was then announced and sold out due to high demand. Since then, Hua has brought his "Mars" Concerts to other cities in China every year. On 7 March 2017, he released his third album H, which refers to his last name initial.