Ha Sung Woon
Ha Sung Woon

First Name: Sung Woon
Family Name: Ha
Native name: 하성운
Also Known as: Seong Woon
Nationality: South Korean
Gender: Male
Born: March 22, 1994

Ha Sung Woon is a South Korean singer under Star Crew Entertainment (previously known as Ardor and Able) and YMC Entertainment. He debuted in Hotshot as a main vocal and dancer in 2014. In 2017 he survived Mnet’s “Produce 101 Season 2“ and qualified to be a member of boy group WannaOne (main vocal and dancer), with a contract until December 2018. Some of his closest friends are: Taemin from SHINee, Kai from EXO, Jimin from BTS, Ravi from VIXX, Timoteo from Hotshot, Suga from BTS, Shinwoo from BLANC7 and J-Hope from BTS.