Bang Yong Guk
Bang Yong Guk

First Name: Yong Guk
Family Name: Bang
Native name: 방용국
Also Known as: Bang, Jepp Blackman, Yongguk.
Nationality: South Korean
Gender: Male
Born: March 31, 1990

Bang Yong Guk, often simply known as Yong Guk, Bang or Jepp Blackman, is a South Korean songwriter, rapper, singer and dancer. He is the leader and the main rapper of the South Korean group B.A.P. In 2007, Yong Guk was part of an underground hip-hop group called Soul Connection under the alias of "Jepp Blackman". In March 2011, he was featured in Song Jieun's Going Crazy and the single became a number one hit in South Korea. In July, Yong Guk released his first solo digital single "I Remember", featuring BEAST's Yoseob. He afterwards promoted in a sub-unit called Bang&Zelo with fellow B.A.P member Zelo. Bang&Zelo released their single "Never Give Up" in November, 2011.