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Urban Cops information
Urban Cops

Other name: City Police

Country: South Korea

Genres: Action, Comedy, Crime, Detective

Date aired: Jan 14, 2019

Status: Completed           Views: 20,145           Bookmark


Learn all about criminal investigations with Urban Cop! Urban Cops is a variety show that offers the inside look at criminal investigations, allowing viewers to be a part of nerve-racking missions. Upon completion of their basic training, actor Jang Hyuk, Jo Jae Yun, Lee Tae Hwan, and Kim Min Jae transform into police detectives and join Yongsan Criminal Intelligence Unit to track down criminals.

Episode name Day Added
Urban Cops Episode 10 3/18/2019
Urban Cops Episode 9 3/11/2019
Urban Cops Episode 8 3/4/2019
Urban Cops Episode 7 2/25/2019
Urban Cops Episode 6 2/19/2019
Urban Cops Episode 5 2/12/2019
Urban Cops Episode 4 2/6/2019
Urban Cops Episode 3 1/30/2019
Urban Cops Episode 2 1/30/2019
Urban Cops Episode 1 1/30/2019
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